Sep 20, 2019

Zebra Changed the F-701 after It Was Being Modded by EDC Pen Enthusiasts

by Zac Vineyard

If you've seen the EDC movement take flight across social media platforms the past couple of years, you've likely seen many different pens people like to carry with them every day. EDC (every day carry) posts often display the portable contents of a person's pockets in a well-staged photo. Along-side Victorinox watches and Seiko watches there is one pen that's well established as a fan favorite—the Zebra F-701.

The F-701 is popular because it is an all-steel pen that you can purchase for about $7. But it wasn't always that way. Up until a few months ago, Zebra didn't make the F-701 with all-steel construction. In fact, the pen cap above the pocket clip used to be plastic. But online EDC modders discovered that you could swap the plastic cap for a steel cap from a Zebra F-402, a rubber-grip cousin to the F-701. Videos and tutorials about making the mod surfaced online and the rest was history.

Here is a video describing the Zebra F-701 mod.

The process to create an all-steel F-701 wasn't too complicated, as you can see. But now this little mod isn't necessary. Zebra's new all-steel version of the F-701 is everything you need to make your EDC collection complete.

Zebra listened to their customers and changed the F-701 to an all-steel pen, including the ink cartridge.

I love that Zebra saw how people were modifying their product and changed the F-701 to suit the needs of its customers. Good job, Zebra! I think you'll be selling many F-701s into the future.

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